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English a level coursework advice

I’m in yr 12 starting coursework soon for edexcel, and I don’t know what books to do. I want to do prose, and I’d prefer texts that are psychological like shutter island and fight club (but not them ones). I’m doing hand maids tale and Frankenstein for prose, so can’t do them. Any advice on others I could do?
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hi since you chose english for a level you must be interested in it to some extent so i'd say if you're still slightly unsure about what you want to study maybe read up some related-genre books and see if they fit you. i know it might seem a bit too late but honestly you want to make sure you actually like what you're studying first before jumping into coursework, otherwise it will just be torture and you're gonna likely regret not trying out stuff by the end of yr 13. hope this has been somewhat helpful :/// good luckkkk

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