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To Move Back to The UK and Work or Stay in Ireland and Go to Uni?

I moved to Ireland from the UK nearly 8 years ago. I turn 18 this year and am considering moving back to the UK as I am unhappy in Ireland and hate living in the countryside. I have completed my Junior Cert last year and just nearly coming up to the end of Transition Year. Thing is I'm going to a college to do a course here in Ireland because due to my Learning difficulties I can't do the Leaving Cert. I really want to work for a Travel Agency. At the end of the course I can either do a Tourism Management Degree or I found a Hays Travel Consultant Apprenticeship in the UK or I could just start working with one if thats an option?. I feel like my Parents are pushing me to stay but I really want to move back home. Every time I visit the UK on school holidays I just feel like Ireland is just lacking in so many areas and no I do not live in Dublin. where we live because can't just hop on a plane and go somewhere for a weekend there is basically no public transport and I really don't want to have a car or drive These are the things I miss about the UK as someone who has the Travel bug. I understand the situation in the UK but I am a lot more happier Should I stay and do a degree in Ireland or just do what makes me happy and move back to the UK and Start working in a Travel agency once I've finished College?
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