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DipHE & Top up year vs Full time degree.

I am 20 years old and i have worked for the last 18 months developing skills that will benefit my career of choice. I am in a position now where i think it is wise to qualify in economics to get an actual qualification in the field that i want to do.

I am feeling nervous because i do not know what the best route is to take, i have thought about enroling to a full time degree and just allowing student finance to pay for it and by the end of my time with a university i dont have to worry about funding again, unless i want a masters.

There is another route that im considering through the open univerity, would it be wise to get a CertHE and then eventually go onto a DipHE and then go onto a top up year at a brick university or will this be complicated when im trying to get funding for this ? Since it is a part time tuition fee for OU will this affect my chances to then go onto complete a degree at a university? Will Student finance fund both of these HE courses?

And also is there much point in getting a CertHE since this is equivialant to first year of uni but the DipHE is equivalent to the first 2 years? Im doing some research on this at moment but it would be really helpful if some people with experience could share some wisdom with me.

When answering these quentions please emphasise on the funding options, if i cant get funding for any point in this journey that im taking it will be very difficult for me to progress.

Thanks for responding.

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