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Civil service - location allocations and preference DWP

Hi all,

I have been asked to select up to 3 locations I would travel to. I haven’t been asked to order them either. There is one office that is really close to me, the others quite further afield. Will DWP likely place me at the closest office? I scored nearly full marks so hoping this goes in my favour. Thanks all!
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The main driver is going to be their operational needs.

Dont put down other locations that you don't want to go to or are tricky to get to - you may well be offered them if they have more vacancies.
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Thanks, do you think it’s worth me just putting one location then?
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Why not call them with your concerns, see if they can give you a heads up about the vacancies at your preferred office and their allocation process, whether its by application points or first come first served.

I was on a reserve list once and was offered roles in 2 offices to choose between.
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That’s a fantastic idea - I worry that I don’t want them to think I’m pestering them 🤣🤣

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