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transferring unis

i am in year 13 and am curious that if i do my firs year lets say at a lower ranked uni can i transfer and do the next 2 years or so at a higher ranked uni and how does it work
The First Year at any Uni isnt a qualification that you can simply transport to another Uni - and any study at a 'lower' Uni will not be at the same academic standard or have totally compatible content as the Uni you want to transfer to. And this is even of that Uni has space on that course for the 2nd year and most wont. Its a bit of a myth that you 'can just transfer' / 'trade up' - it very rarely actually happens.

The advice is always that you shouldnt start any degree course that you do not actually want to complete at that Uni.
Its much better to resit your A levels, get better grades and go to a Uni you actually want.

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