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Hii. Im currently aiming to become the president of my Islamic society comittee in my school. If any of you have applied before or have experience, how would you recommend I go about my application?
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Heyy I am not the president of isoc but i know a lot of people who are very involved with it in my school. It depends how your school and the people running it decide of course but one of the main things is to have some things pre-written, not a proper proper plan but just some basics of things you would do if you were the president eg future events or talks etc. Also how you would promote isoc and how you would involve the pupils both muslims and non-muslims. Ofc you need to say why you would be a good candidate and stuff but also show you are already committed to the role and have idea of things you would do. Hope this helps!!
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thank youu smm

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