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UK VISA Regulation

I am an international student. So i need a visa to study in the UK. Through this years UCAS applications, I only got into my safeties and I am not sure if thats where I wanna go. I still decided to go since its still a top 20 uni in the UK. But my question is if I attend this year of college, will I be able to still apply in the next year UCAS with my highschool grades. Like how kids who took gap years apply and apply for a new visa? Like can I cancel my current University visa and come back to my home country and and then get a new visa? Is it possible? Especially if I get into like a much better university and show like academic progress. Like going from Leeds to Cambridge. I really appreciate all the its still a good college and i might have a better life comments but I really need to know if I can apply for undergraduate student visa twice.
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