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Hi! I'm considering going to FRA for an A level Level 3 in fashion design, if I go here and after I want go to a more "prestigious" university such as Saint Martins or London College of Fashion, would they not want me as much if I go here compared to any other place or is it fine!

Also, If I want to make more avant-garde, artsy, slightly crazy fashion compared to more "regular" clothing, considering it is a retail academy that works with lots of fast fashion companies, would I have to make less of the type of clothing that I want to make?

If I despise the fast fashion world and don't wish to do things with the fast fashion, more unsustainable side of fashion, does that matter or will it be much less enjoyable? Considering many alumni have gone to work with companies like ASOS or BOOHOO, companies that to me are horrible?

Also, I am physically disabled, are they accomodating? Will I be able to get around, have things be changed (such as maybe buying a new seat with more support, move things or help me to change something is something doesn't work), are they open to helping in any situation??

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Sorry disregard this, I posted in the wrong place I think!!

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