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Idk what i will do with my life/im a lost sheep

so i am a 16 yrs old,i know exactly who i want to be..BUT idk WHAT i want to be. i always get haunted by the fact that i wont reach my fullest potential and get stuck by living a life for example like my dad he's now in his mid 40's and i feel guilt seeing him still work,although it's quite normalised to work until your 60 something and then once your not useful to society YOU DIE.
.Point is i dont know what career i want, YOU see I love cars and when i was 12 i saw young person driving the most beautiful porsche i realised i might have a shot at life.
Age 13 i came across many ytb videos about entrepreneurs e.g Iman ghadzhi and many others in their 20's that had alot in common with the person i saw driving the porsche at 12.
Age 14 i started reading finance books -i then realised they speak the language of money which makes it complex and hard to implement when i know nothing about business and then i became so lost
.Age 15 i picked up self help books.Marcus Aurelies and now age 16 the VOID OF feeling lost never ends i still dont know how ill make it in life.I am slightly more academic than my siblings,so they expected me to become a dentist,doctor YOU get the gist.
Now next year i have to chose start my a levels and i am not certian on anything,should i go the biochem route or will i regret that and not love it?idk the pros or cons,or where it will get me,will i wait 5 years to get a DAMN job.I hope not,should i go the Compsci route all about computers bcs thats the rave nowdays?I really wish i knew someone that i could talk to about my career because i need all the help i can get.I also want to be the person driving that porsche,my friends now know me as the girl obsessed over them,and i dont want to have grey hairs by the time i get to driving one.I am passionate into just growing but sometimes it gets blurry,and it's never been this blurry before.
have you considered engineering? it sounds like ur great at sciences (maybe physics and maths too??) and you want to get into and work with cars. automotive engineering or software engineering with cars or something sounds like a good option for you
that's what I think at least

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