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I want my frienemy out of my life

I feel really bad about making this post but I just would like some advice; I'm in my second year of university, soon to be third, and I will continue living with this girl I now consider my 'frenemy'. We're friendly, and I really wanted to be her friend, but she's been really horrible to me, and when I tried to be open about it, I was told everything was my fault. It's been like this since my first year, but because I was so far from home, I was scared of being alone and just put up with it. I'm sick and tired of her behaviour now, but I've already signed my contract, and she's in my student-run society (in which I am the president, she is the Vice). She's basically everywhere I go and makes me feel awful. I really want her out of my life. I'm really not sure what to do.
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hi, i'm so sorry you're going through this :frown:( it absolutely sucks because there will be people we don't like but have to coexist with. I've met similar people (not roommates tho thankfully) who were really horrible to me even tho I wanted to be their friends and those are the worse ppl everrrr. what I used to tell myself to comfort myself is "don't worry bc you're meeting a nasty person now so you can meet better ppl in the future" and I know it's weird thinking but it actually worked (for me at least) and now I have a bestest best friend (yes that is a word) who is always there for me. i mean it's karma isn't it everything that happens will come back like a boomerang, whether good or bad. so if you have a really horrible 'friend' rn that might actually mean you'll meet some nice ppl in the future (again, i know this is weird). as for not knowing what to do, well for a first don't be horrible to her because you don't want to sink to her level :/// and try to ignore her whenever possible and try to stay positive when you can bc at the end of the day you wont have to live with her forever. that's all my advice rly i hope this has been somewhat helpful.

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