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Student finance for MA

Hi all,

I have a BA already and a student loan which I haven't earned enough to start paying back. (I finished my degree in 2007) I'm thinking of applying for an MA. Can I get student finance for this even though I haven't paid back anyway on my first loan? Thank you. P.S I am a 43 year old mature student!
This shouldn’t be a problem. Go ahead and apply.

You should be able to get student finance. I finished my 3 year undergraduate degree in June last year, and applied for my masters student finance this year, and got funding. It shouldn’t matter whether you’ve paid your loan of or not, since the undergraduate and postgraduate student finance loans run parallel to each other.

This is a link to the UCAS website that explains in more detail about postgraduate loans

Hope this helps!
Suzan - Student Ambassador

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