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Does anyone have any tips for approaching the China section of paper 2 for Edexcel IGCSE History, especially the 16 mark essays!
Any help would be greatly appreciated :smile:
i dont do china specifically, but for sixteen markers in section B of paper 2 of igcse history i have this guide that i follow, and it normally gets me 16/16. its short but it gets everything across:

You can't get full marks without your own factor

Make sure to be explicit and refer back to the question even if it means loads of writing.

Intro: line of argument with examples (x and y did lots by doing ____, but z also did ___- and use this to say who did more)
P1: use the first bullet point given. Explain what it was, and how it contributed to whatever the question was talking about
Repeat this with the other bullet point and your own choice
Conclude by basically restating your line of argument, and justifying your point.
The China topic does need three factors; however, unlike other sixteen markers on Paper One, it is a change over time question. So typically, your factors will deal with factors across a forty or fifty year period. From the 2019 paper:

How far did the lives of Chinese peasants change in the period 1950–89?
You may use the following in your answer:
the ‘one-child policy’.
You must also use information of your own.

So in this case, I'd probably discuss Deng's agricultural reforms starting in the late 1970s (return to some economic freedom).

As long as you know your history these questions are a little easier to argue because you need to always come back to the idea of change after explaining your factor.
N.B., You'll see that you "may" use the stimuli. Personally, I'd swap the one child policy for the attack on the landlords to keep the question focused on agriculture.

Hope this helps.

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