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MSc Psychology (conversion) online

So, my mind is blown which course to choose, funding accreditation and I’m approaching this with fear regarding what lies ahead !
I’m a single parent and I work 4 days a week. Realistically, how much time will I need to set aside for studying per week. If I start a course in June, is it feasible to take a 9 day holiday abroad in August ?
I’ve considered everything carefully and need to go into this with realism and eyes open.
Thanks in advance.
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If you want full flexibility with no lectures to attend, I suggest you look into the OU conversion ( The OU is difficult to beat in terms of flexibility and value for money. Their course materials are also some of the best. Albeit, this course.will require independent study on their books, as they have no lectures. As a plus, this course is BPS accredited which is ideal if you want to train as psychologist in the future.
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