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i work harder than my bf

is it wrong for me to feel like this? i’m currently a law student who has a part time sales job (d2d) + i have my own small business so i’m busy 24/7 and i like it. i make sure to take every opportunity i get & utilise my time wisely. my ‘bf’ understands this but he doesn’t like when i work hard every single day but i like the whole work hard play later type of thing. i’m not trying to say im better than him not at all but all he wants to do with me is ‘chill’ ‘watch’. other than dating, we’re ‘business’ partners too as he does crypto full time. but he’s not where he wants to be at the moment and i support him 100%. but is it bad that i want him to be more businessy w me? i like being w someone who’s better than me and who elevates me and helps me grow but i don’t feel that here. i feel like im the mum just working and working while he plays & does the bare minimum of ‘learning’ crypto. my situation is difficult to explain but i hope this is understandable
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tlk to him bout it
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Original post by JF ZAK
tlk to him bout it

i have and he says he wants me to be patient but he’s doing the bare minimum. i’m always honest w him cos i want the best so if i tell him do more he said he will but he doesn’t
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maybe say u rnt for each other and see his reaction
The problem is he took your advice and latched onto someone more businessy than him.
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When you 'work hard, play later' how much later is it? Is he your boyfriend or your business partner, because you seem to be prioritising the latter over the former and not utilising your time wisely if you can't make space in the day for him? After all, you chose to get him involved with your work, knowing what he was like (you would hope).

If you want a relationship with him, maybe get a new business partner and keep a work-life separation and balance.

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