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Bristol vs Warwick for English and History

I've applied for a joint honours of English and History at Warwick (AAA or A*AB) and Bristol (AAA).

I currently love both courses, taster lectures and faculties, but am currently torn because:

- Loved the feel of Bristol: really lively atmosphere, know that as a student I would have a great time there.

- Warwick: highly ranked for my course (6th History, 5th English), good employability rate, and is seen as a well-respected university.

(For context: Bristol is 12th History, 15th English)

I feel like I would enjoy first year @ warwick, because the campus was nice and had everything you could possibly need on it. More worried about 2nd / 3rd year because Leamington and Coventry aren't really my sort of place (I hope this makes sense?)

Main problem is that my visit to Warwick was a lot more detailed (because I live closer so was able to get more out of the day) and I was able to visit surrounding areas, other buildings (like the student union, library etc.) whereas at Bristol I was definetely shorter on time, and only really saw bits of the city nearer to the uni and the humanities / english faculty so maybe I just love Bristol's atmosphere from the little that I saw of it??? Not to mention the weather when I visited Warwick was pretty grey and cold so maybe my view was a bit tainted because there wasn't much going on?

I'm not sure if it's relevant or not but my current plan is to go onto a masters degree after university. (maybe this would make the reputation of the university matter less because I would be doing higher education after? Or maybe more because some masters are competitive?)

Any comments on Bristol or Warwick are very much appreciated. I know I will have a nice time at either uni, but definetely want to make a well-informed decision to know what i'm getting myself into :smile:
Bristol is a highly regarded university and it does have a great vibe. As you point out Warick is a nice campus uni but you may get bored by year 3. Go to Bristol.

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