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Chances for Economics at Cambridge?

Hi. I take Maths, Economics, Law and EPQ A levels and I am predicted A*A*A*A.
My GCSE's are horrific with only one 9 and a 7 and the rest being B's and C's. However, I have quite an intense and long extenuative circumstances form. They have greatly disrupted my education.

My concern lies within my chances of whether I should bother applying for Economics at Cambridge and LSE. I do not take Further Maths because my school only offers Further pure and further mech. I am doing extremely well in my A levels right now and have contributed a lot for quite a few extra/super curricular activities. I am passionate about economics and that is why I thrive in it.

Studying economics at somewhere like Cambridge or LSE is a dream.

Is there a reason to apply? Are they this harsh? Will they take in my serious extenuative circumstances? Please be honest. Thank you for your time.
I think not having Further Maths would be your biggest issues. Further Pure and Further Mechanics are very common and the Cambridge Economics course is very Mathematical.
Almost all successful applicants to Cambridge have Further Maths for Economics. You'll be at a disadvantage. You'll also have a lower chance at LSE: it's not impossible, but success rates are significantly higher for those with FM.

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