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For the past 5 years i have done nothing at school. Predicted 7s-8s in year 7 , now barely scraping a 5 in english and maths, and failing 2 of my other subjects. On top of this , I hate the idea of A levels (due to laziness) , and i also dont really like any of the other courses at any local colleges. Im not thick by any means , just really couldnt be arsed , and the repercussions have finally caught up to me. So , if you were in my situation , what would you do? Im not even sure which part of this im asking for advice on , but anything helps. (revision advice, post 16 , etc)
When it comes to revision, if you try you can definitely make a recovery. 5s aren’t impossible to come back from trust me. With me, revision videos are the best thing that helped me. I know you’ve probably heard teachers and other ppl rant about watching them but trust me they help. I recommend GCSE maths tutor for maths for sure. Watch Mr Bruff for english. English wasn’t great for me i was getting 5s and 6s in class but i managed to scrape a 7 in lang and an 8 in lit in the real thing. The freesciencelessons guy on youtube was literally the lifesaver of my science gcses. 9,9,8 in bio chem physics.

First thing, just know it’s not hopeless to revise, you definitely have time to get grades you want. Of course, A levels and school isn’t the only way to succeed in life but if you want to focus on it and build an academic foundation you absolutely can. You have some time to figure out what you want to do post-16. Perhaps just focus on your gcse’s for now and then you have some breathing room to figure out what you want to do next.

If you’re tight for time, watch videos and try some difficult ppqs. A lot of these channels also have walkthroughs of certain questions and also full practice and predicted papers. They will really help you with your exam technique and you’ll remember their tips and advice in the real thing.

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