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Do I switch English Lit to Art A-Level at the beginning of the summer term of Yr 12?

I'm a Year 12 student, currently preparing for my mock exams (yes, the ones that universities will base their offers on) and I am currently taking Maths, English Lit and Drama, used to do Chinese but dropped it.

I am now 100% confident that I want to study Film Production at university. Back in Year 11, I wasn't so sure about that, and as I attend quite an academics-driven school, I was considering degrees like Psychology, Computer Science, Linguistics (and potentially Film, but it was looked down upon, so I didn't bother much), but nothing seemed quite right for me. I selected Art as my reserve option, even though I generally preferred it over English. Art GCSE was quite confusing for me as it was so different from the academic subjects and I constantly had a feeling of "I am not foing enough brain work" and didn't want this story to repeat itself at A-Level (though I ended up getting a 9). Got a 9 in English Lit too (one mark off a 9 in Language), but I remember feeling very overwhelmed by the essays, and was dreading going through the same experience in Sixth Form. However, observing my peers who were quite academically motivated and also teachers and parents who pushed for applying to Oxbridge and whatnot, I decided to take Lit, knowing I won't fully enjoy it, but hopefully will grow to like it given my academic capabilities.

At first, my 4 subjects didn't cause me too many problems, I treated the essays as a 'necessary evil' and did not question it further. But as the workload increased and I began doing film-related courses outside of school and other extra-curricular activities, I began to realise that I am fed up with academia and want to study a more creative field like Film.

So more and more recently I have been considering that I should have taken Art, as it is something that gives a break from the academic lifestyle and also is not as daunting as English. With mocks in a month, I am worried that I will not have a strong performance in English relative to my other subjects. I got predicted an A in English, A/A* in Maths and A* in Drama in a series of informal assessments in January, and I wonder if I had taken Art whether I would be able to get 3 A*s. I know the universities I am looking at have typical offers at ABB, but nonetheless I don't want to sabotage my grades because of a subject I do not enjoy as much. Additionally, I know Year 13 is a stressful time in itself, and I don't want to despise it even more because of the difficulty of English Lit. (Sadly thr only creative subjects my school offers are Art and Drama :/)

I had insignificant thoughts of "hmmm do i genuienly like my subject choices" from the beginning of Year 12, but only recently has it become a bigger concern for me. Would it be crazy to switch now, having missed 2 terms of coursework in Art?

I could take English Lit AS-Level this year and spend my summer working on my Art portfolio?
I already have an A* A-Level qualification (though from Year 10), does that mean I could potentially take 2 A-Levels (Maths and Drama) and 2 AS-Levels (English and Art) in Year 13?

I have not talked to teachers about this yet, I know the amount of coursework for Art is crazy and was wondering if it is humanely possible to catch up on 2 terms of it and still get an A*?

Would love to hear your thoughts/ experiences, thank you! :smile:
Best people to advise if you can catch up in short space of time are your teachers - they know you and the course
Original post by Onebusywoman
Best people to advise if you can catch up in short space of time are your teachers - they know you and the course

Yeah that's the plan 😭
I just don't know how common it is or if I'm being a weirdo and setting romanticised unrealistic expectations for myself

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