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If I'm in foundation but In the gcse exam I lie to the invigilator and say I got the wrong paper will I be able to sit higher? (for some background I want to do higher but the head of science won't allow me my science teacher says I could do it though)
I don't think academic misconduct is the best approach here.

Also, realistically if the head of the department doesn't think you can manage higher tier then going through with this would probably lead to you not getting a better grade than you could in foundation (and possibly a worse grade).
Just for some context what do you usually get in science from year 10 to your most recent mocks. If you’ve been consistently getting high grade 4s to high or solid 5s then i think that serves as enough evidence to convince your science teacher that you can do higher.

I would also like to know if you’ve ever sat a higher paper before? I’ve noticed that there are some topics exclusively for higher combined and triple so you may be disadvantaged there. I’ve never sat a foundation paper but I assume the style of question is quite similar to a higher paper so if you are solid with your content then doing a higher paper won’t be too troubling for you, just keep in mind, especially if you’ve never done a higher paper before , that it can be harder and the grade boundaries are also higher so you risk getting a lower grade, but if you can handle it you need to provide evidence that you can to your head of department and if you can get some teachers to vouch for you that would be even better. Do not try and trick invigilators or the exam board, oftentimes that does not go well.

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