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Tips for Business Alevel

Does anyone have any tips for studying edexcel business for A Level?
I've been ;reading my classwork (e.g. the notes I've made), reading textbook ( every page even if I believe I am are strong on it), over my time of year13 I've compromised a hefty amount of flashcards- so I read them today which takes around 30-45 minutes in one straight sitting, and I have been attempting past papers. Although I haven't found doing past questions or past papers helpful as my teacher's haven't had the opportunity to mark them, and when I have been attempting to mark them via mark schemes some of my answer is within the indicative content and other parts possibly may be wrong or outside the indicative- if you get what I am saying.
Besides that I still feel super unconfident :C, I have done many hours of seneca just to soothe my anxiety about the exams although I haven't found it greatly helpful for my business studies.

Let me know if you have any other tips.

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