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Sixth form drop out

I am in my first year bc at sixth form and I bc despise it soo I’m looking at dropping out.I have been thinking about it for ages, I’m behind on work because I’m definitely not staying next year and I’m going to do a apprenticeship i have two lined up and if they fail I will look for the same thing just with a different company.i don’t get anything at the end of my first year so I’m kind of just going in for going ins sake and it’s draining being shouted at fort not doing work or turning up when I’m not going to be there next year.i have no benefit to staying in school so I was thinking of being a part time job to fill the gap instead of doing nothing for the last couple months.i will 100% be doing the apprenticeship in mechanical engineering next test regardless where I go so it’s not ae if ill be doing nothing
What subjects are you studying at sixth form? I was feeling exactly the same as you at the start of this year, the only difference being that I'm in year 13. I was really struggling to stay motivated because of the fact that I was falling behind with my work and wasn't receiving support for my learning difference as I hadn't gotten any formal diagnoses. I had applied and was offered a place at an apprenticeship and was ready to leave the school environment behind.

However after speaking to different people and weighing up the outcome, the answer seemed to be that if you can stick with it till the end, then do it because otherwise it would leave your highest qualification as GCSEs. Having A-Levels is great to fall back on in the case that you do decide you want to go to further education (you never know if you might change your mind and you wouldn't want a decision you made now to affect that). Now I'm en route to doing my A-Levels next month 🥲 And you can always still do the apprenticeship after trying A-Levels

Have you thought about what it is that is making you perform not as well as you would like to - if it's not understanding certain concepts you could ask a teacher to break it down for you or watch some videos on youtube

If however you're still certain that sixth form isn't ideal for you and you definitely can't stick it out until the end then I'd say complete year 12, see if there's a chance of things looking upwards, and if by the end they're still the same then give the apprenticeship a shot. After all it's more practical based so you won't hate it like you do school, and it would give you the relevant experience to progress in the engineering career. Speak to some teachers and family members if possible to see what they think, and good luck with your decision

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