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Issues with student finance

So this year before I got into UNI I applied for student finance for a course which I thought I was most likely to get into (idk you're meant to do that but when I was in college we were told to apply for the course before we got in) and well I applied for the wrong year. So anyways I got my uni offers and I actually got into another course and decided to do that instead so I went to my application to change it but I realise I had applied for the wrong year.

The worst part is they had fully accepted my application for 2023 so I can't cancel it. So I tried to ring them and ask them to cancel it and they sent me a fourm which I filled in (like a month or 2 ago) and they still have yet to cancel it.

I started a new application for 2024 and the correct course and filled everything out again but this time they did not accepted they asked for evidence regarding past courses? They have never done this but I sent them proof I went to college etc but they have not responded. This whole thing is super sketchy and I don't get why they are taking so long to accept my 2024 course and I am 90% sure they are going to wait the longest time to reject it. I understand this is on me but i hate this I have anxiety I need this money my family are not well off we live on benefits. No idea what to do besdies ring them tomorrow and try and explain this whole thing.,

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