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Commonwealth shared scholarship 2024/2025

Does anyone here really know what it means if the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship writes to you in the last week of March asking for all three letters of your referees (to be sent by them via a given email address) by the second week of April (last Tuesday) deadline a week after my chosen University (Warwick) wrote to me that I was a Reserve candidate? I am really anxious. Perhaps, anyone who knows how the nomination and final selection really works especially as it seems they will be releasing the final selection earlier than normal this year. Thank you!
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Not really
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Original post by Rinus
Not really

Does anyone have any update?
Please is the 2024/2025 Commonwealth Shared Scholarship nomination out?
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Hi, The University of Stirling has put me on the reserve list for the scholarship. I was informed about this mid-March. Got an email from Commonwealth Commission to submit references by mid-April. No updates about the upgrade yet.

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