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disappointed with past papers

does anyone have any advice on how to stay motivated when getting bad grades on past papers? I can't get above a D on Biology or computer science and I need a C, and I can't get above a C on Psychology and I need a B... its really starting to affect me and my mental health because I think there's just no hope
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would heavily recommend covering content before diving into past papers - if that's what you were initially doing.

obviously, it is difficult to answer questions which you have either never seen before, or do not know the content behind. hence, it is vital that you go over the areas you deem are your weakest to slowly grow your confidence before jumping straight into exams.

alternatively, you could copy down the question + the answers from the mark scheme down onto a flashcard and then review that routinely; i would heavily recommend using the leitner method when it comes to using flashcards.

or, if you already know the content, practise more exam-style questions so you grow accustomed to the language used and get used to seeing the content put into different scenarios.

hope this helps. 🫶
whenever i get a bad grade on my past papers, i really use it to my advantage because 1. thank god my trs are marking me harsly rather than giving me free marks and putting me in false hope where i end up putting no effort because i think im smart asf and know everything and it doesnt end up being a repeat of GCSE where we were getting all 9s and in the real exams we ended up getting 4s and 5s
2. i can go over the past papers as a revision tool - whatever i got wrong in in psych, i go and try to find out why i didnt get full marks obsessively, looking at the AOs and finding out what the examiners want

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