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What A-Levels to take for Computer Science at uni?

at the moment I am doing spanish, french, latin, computer science, maths, 2x english, chemistry, physics, and biology at GCSE, and also Additional Maths. Predicted 8&9s in all apart from English which is 7 but I think I’ll be able to raise it a bit.
I want to study Computer Science at uni but i’m unsure of what a-levels to take. I’m pretty certain of maths, further maths and computer science, however I will take another one (because they offer some sort of fast track maths/further maths course here). I’m not sure what to do - physics, economics maybe?
Maths, and for some top Unis, FM are the essential subjets. Surprisingly, you won't actually need A level CS.
You dont need 4 A levels - but Maths/FM are clearly related, and Physics is relevant if you actually do want to do 4.
Hi @lucie_l157,

Entry requirements can vary from institution to institution, so it is essential that you check review the course-specific entry requirements on the university's website or with their admissions department.

If you want want more freedom in your choice of A Levels, you may want to consider institutions with flexible entry requirements such as LIBF. We offer online undergraduate courses that might interest you in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Data Science, Software Development & of course Computer Science. You can find out more and check your eligibility -

I hope this information is useful to you!


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