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has my mum got attachment issues? - Muslims only

So I recently got Nikkah done, I’m haven’t moved out yet but whenever I go out to see my husband my mum only sometimes tells me stay when all the family is around too. But if I’ve told my husband I’m coming then I can’t cancel on him. I don’t know why my mum makes me feel daughter guilt. I love her but I wish she also did her own things and worked but she doesn’t. My husband obviously needs me at times not even everyday
I don't know about the attachment issue but I think it's not very polite since you are newlywed to not let you go to your husband. I think the correct thing to do in this situation is to let you spend time with him. At the same time, she must feel lonely without you and feel like you will be gone soon so wants max time w/ you. Maybe try to wait until u move in and be patient until then? (if she doesn't get it alone I think it will be difficult to explain it to her) remember that parents are sometimes a test 🙂 and we need to be gentle towards them even when they are annoying

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