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UK university application and UCAS

I'm a grammar school student from Serbia, and I could really use some advice regarding the university application process in the UK.
I'm a bit confused about when I should start applying for UK universities. I'll be finishing grammar school in May or June of 2025, but I'm not sure if I should begin the application process in 2024 or wait until later.
If anyone has gone through this process or has any insights to share, I'd greatly appreciate your guidance. It's a bit overwhelming, and I want to make sure I'm on the right track.
Thanks in advance!
Hi, I’m in year 12 (finishing in June 2025 as well) and I think the deadline for medicine (and a few other courses) applications through ucas is quite early, like October/November this year, and for other subject the deadline is some time in January (unless you go through ucas extra and other things to extend your application time), I’d suggest either contacting ucas or asking someone in your school (head of year, head of sixth form, tutor, someone who knows about applying to universities) good luck <3
Most students apply in their final year of their level 3 qualification, (e.g. A-Levels, IB, Class XII etc). IE. They have not completed that qualification, they use predicted grades.

So if you wanted to attend uni in September 2025, then you would need to apply between September 2024 and Jan 31st 2025. Many courses remain open after that date, but the only way to be guaranteed to be considered is to submit a UCAS application by then.

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