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How much do I really need to prepare for the SAT? I’m a year 11 student looking to apply to the US, but I currently live in Russia and there are no more SAT test centers here. We are travelling for a month and a half abroad to take our IGCSEs at the beginning of May until mid June, and one of the SAT dates is the 4th of May. I won’t have that many chances to take it, as I will have to travel abroad to take it. I can take this opportunity as I will be abroad with my school anyway to take our exams. However, I will be studying for my IGCSEs in this time, luckily the SAT date falls on a day on which I don’t have any exams. Do you think I will be able to take the SAT with not that much practice? I will have limited time.
There are online practice tests to help you through Bluebook, the app used by college board. How much you need to practice depends on the type of English and Math questions you are used to . I’d suggest starting with the free tests and see how you are scoring to help you decide. For best chance of passing 1st time, with good score suggests you should study for it

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