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My Deciding Factors For Choosing Kingston University

Deciding which offers to accept or choices to put as your firm can be a difficult task, so I thought I would share what helped me make my decision and some of my key deciding factors for Kingston and if I would still consider them to be deciding factors today.

Deciding factors

Location. Moving out for the first time this was important to me, that I went somewhere where I could see myself living. Kingston was perfect for me as it has both lots of nature and feels like a safe community whilst also being close to central London, which has so much to explore and offer when it comes to opportunities.

After living in Kingston now for over six months I am glad I had the location as a priority. As your environment really can have a big impact on your wellbeing. Being able to go outdoors and sit by the river has been something I have really enjoyed. And exploring London has been exciting for me. I have also managed to be successful in getting an internship in London, because of the array of opportunities there is.

The course. This is the reason for going to university, so it’s definitely something to get right! For me I made sure that I chose a university where the course content interested me and was useful, as it is what I will be spending most of my time on each week. It was also good to know that Kingston had good industry links and connections.

Now I have completed my first year of the course (fashion promotion and communication) I can say I am really enjoying the course content and the connections have been important when it has come to things like the guest lecturers we have in and working with brands.

Facilities and support. Your tuition doesn’t just pay for the setting up and teaching of your course it also pays for all the facilities and support that that university offers. When it comes to Kingston School of Art there is lots of well-equipped workshops and studios. But at Kingston there is lots of support services you can access such as the Careers Centre, the wellbeing services, academic support, and the Future Skills programme.

Since being at Kingston I have found myself spending lots of time in the library and studios using the facilities. The library has been helpful in allowing me to concentrate and be productive with completing work, and the online library service has allowed me to easily find all the resources I need to undertake research on my projects. I have also used services like the Careers Centre and the wellbeing support, to help with university life.

One of the best ways to find out all this information is attending open days. For me this was key in making my choice, if I was going to live and study somewhere I really wanted to see it first. Our next open day is Saturday 27th April, next week! Kingston also offers webinars where you can find out more information and ask questions that may help you make your decision.

I also remember after visiting all the open days, I created a pros and cons list between my top unis. Working out what factors outweighed the others and prioritising those. Sometimes just writing it down on paper or speaking to someone else about it can help you think about it differently and realise things that you hadn’t previously considered.

I hope this helps and please feel free to add anything that helped you make your decision 😊

-Grace (Kingston Rep)

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