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soo i 100% dont recommend cramming (i wasnt even tryna not revise) but i have an english (language paper1) exam tmmr n yhh ima flop it gorgeously but does anyonee have any tips or anything bc apparently this affects my future ;( i also have other exam for the next two weeks so super fun<<

but the question im tryna ask:: any tips for me to get this stuff to my head bc nothings (SOME STUFF IS) helping atmm
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There’s this thing I did in history it might work the same for English

So u write as much info as u can on one side of A4 blank paper for one topic (absolutely everything)
Then you go over that for 10 mins and fold it in half (short edges together)
On one side, u summarise everything in 2 paragraphs or so (I don’t actually remember I think that’s right? And fold again
Now u write all that info in bullet points and fold again
And finally, put all that info into a few pictures

And ur done! Now, work the other way. Look at the pictures, and convert them into bullet points, and so on and so forth. Good luck :thumbsup:

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