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questions about birth control

so, i'm going to see my doctor to try and get some sort of birth control or pain medication for my period cramps. i know a few of my friends are on things like mefenamic acid, and naproxen etc. but none of their parents allowed them to go on birth control because of possible side effects and all that. i was just wondering if there's anyone on birth control in general or just for cramps that had any positive or negative experiences, and what i could maybe expect if i ended up being prescribed it. i know that it's different for everyone, but i just wanted to get a range of opinions : )
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I know of friends who were on birth control to stop excessive bleeding because they were anaemic and it helped them immensely with that. They were less fatigued and had no cramps. On the flip side, I have had friends who took birth control pills for non-medical reasons other than to prevent unplanned pregnancies, and it had bad side effects like mood swings, sleep and issues with appetite. They came off it and took other non-hormonal contraceptives like the coil because it just didn't suit them.

Generally, you won't really know until you take it. Like every over-counter medication like paracetamol, birth control pills will also has its positives and negatives. Your doctor should go through all the side-effects of taking the pill so you will be well-informed by a healthcare professional before you take an informed decision. You have autonomy as a patient and you can decide if and when you want to take them. Ask them all the questions you want - it's much better than on TSR because it's accurate and up-to-date!

I hope that helps.
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*Another thing to note: having bad period cramps could be a sign for something else so it's best to ask a doctor/nurse if there's something else going on. Endometriosis is under diagnosed a lot - your doctor may explore this too.

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