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Edexcel igcse english literature 2024

Hii guys i really need your help could any of you rpovide me with free english lit resourses for igcse i could use in polishing my coursework assingment a and b

It offers character profiles and tells you about themes, I used it for my coursework so I hope it helps! it had many other revision resources for the literature paper too if you need them.
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Thank youu so much i check it out but it only has romeo and juliet that we use but it doesnt have for A view from the bridge

The second link requires you to login to download but it did have a lot on it! I hope it helps, good luck.
this is savemyexams, so i think you only get a few passes for free, but they have 'a view from the bridge'

litcharts also has some stuff, take a look at the poems and specific books you need from reddit.

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