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Might fail my art GCSE. What will happen?

Hi there! Paranoid student here. I have my art exam tomorrow, and I'll be completely honest, I think I'll fail it or get a bare minimum pass. My current predicted grade is a 5, and although I don't really care for art anymore, I am worried as to what it will mean for the future. For my A-levels, I'm taking biology, chemistry and psychology. I know art isn't involved with any of those, but I am worried that it will make any sixth form/college and university look down on me. I'm confident with other subjects and I'm predicted high grades for them, but the art is causing me some anxiety. Be honest with me, what will it mean?
If you have no interest in taking art further, your grade will not matter to anyone else but you. A grade 5 is still a pass and is a decent grade in a subject you aren’t willing to take for an A-Level. I’ll be honest, GCSEs felt like the be all and end all, until results day had gone and I started sixth form. I got a 4 in history, I’m now studying English Lit, Lang, and Psychology. I got a 6 in Lang but now I’m predicted A*. If you are doing STEM subjects at A-Level, colleges will not look down on you because of your art grade. You may be disappointed if you don’t do as well as you hoped, but like you said, you don’t really care for art anymore (same, I took it at GCSE and it almost killed me), so it doesn’t matter. Unless you want to go for Oxford or something, the only GCSEs you need to worry about are the ones that you need to get into college. Hope this helps and good luck :smile:

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