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Struggling with Chemical Engineering

Hi, I’m currently a first year chemeng student at at the University of Leeds and I’m debating leaving the course as i find it very demotivating and mentally draining.

Firstly, the teaching at University of Leeds has been poor. Lecture content is read off a screen to us rather than being taught and much of this content is pretty hardcore maths and physics which i find difficult to understand (i did a level maths but dropped physics). Classes often have low pass rates and i’ve heard from students in upper years that it only becomes more demanding with higher levels of content (that sometimes aren’t taught but you’re expected to learn on your own) and i now feel as though this is a course that i no longer enjoy.

I picked the course due to its multidisciplinary nature and the careers available once you have achieved your degree but i find that the course is very maths and physics heavy and the chemistry content is quite low (this was the subject i most enjoyed at a level). I have now also come to realise that the job market for chemical engineers isn’t as appealing as what it is made out to be and is highly competitive.

I have decided that chemical engineering is no longer the right course for me but i am confused on what to study going forward. Like i said, i thoroughly enjoyed chemistry in previous studies but im not sure what future career prospects would look like. However, i know now that i don’t want to spend another 3 years doing a degree i will come to loathe and that maybe engineering is just not for me. I am still leaning towards doing a science-type degree but im not sure what will best suit me so any help would be appreciated :smile:

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