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King’s college or Leeds uni

Hello everyone,
I have received offers from unis and I’m interested in two that are both a first go to for me, and they are Leeds and kings as stated in the title. However, I’m unable to choose which uni I should go to..
I applied for general engineering in kings and electrical and electronic engineering in Leeds, to be honest I don’t mind studying general since I will get the chance to learn about a variety of things..anyways I made few points to help me decide and I’d like to hear some opinions:
- Leeds global ranking is low compared to kings yet the degree ranking is the opposite
- people said looking for a job while holding a kings degree is more beneficial because of the prestige
- I heard that in both cases (studying general engineering or electrical and electronic engineering) I’ll end up to apply for master’s as well for a specialty
I may have forgotten some points but that’s all i managed to remember
I appreciate anyone who read this and offered some help

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