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City of Leeds vs Leeds Beckett

Hi everyone, I've been looking mainly at Music, Multimedia and Electronics and University of Leeds. I visited for the open day on the 20th, and also decided to pay a visit to the Music Technology course at Leeds Beckett (which I have also received an offer from).

I ended up feeling like the Music Tech course leader shared my personal views and experiences much more heavily than the MME course leader. The MME course is much more of a split course (e.g. the electronics stuff is very pure electronics, the music stuff is very pure music, the intersection only really happens during the final projects), whereas Music Technology provided a much wider range of modules within the music industry.

This means the practice room and studio availability for Leeds Beckett felt a lot more secure than at City of Leeds. Leeds Beckett also seemed to have more varied industry connections for graduating students.

On the other hand, Leeds Beckett does not go into nearly as much depth on the electronics side of things so could potentially limit future employment to within the music industry.

Based on this alongside some other smaller factors about the courses, I'm currently considering accepting the Leeds Beckett offer. However, I understand that City of generally has a better student reputation and the Student's Union is larger. Does anyone have any experience with the two unis, or could explain some of the course-agnostic advantages / disadvantages between the two?

I also worry about accommodation, from my understanding Leeds Beckett has no accommodation guarantee, so I'd like to make my decision as soon as possible...


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