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predicted grade C in a levels. am i cooked for med school?

ill leave the rant until later and just state the facts first. initially, my AS grades were REALLY bad, so i resat physics and chem. i did great with physics, my grade stayed the same for chem. now in A2, i am still struggling with chem. it is not abysmal, but it’s not good.

i JUST managed to get my physics predicted to move up to a B, and got my transcript. a big fat C for chemistry. it’s been a B for most of the year, but recently i did a test which i did not do so great in so they moved it down to a C. in terms of options, there are no more opportunities after this to change my grade no tests etc. i can try going to the head of department, but they are helpless because higher-ups change the grades regardless of situations. no matter who i go to, the grade will be tampered with.

so what i’m trying to ask is… what now? ABC predicted, bio phys chem respectively. what now. i personally think it’s over for me because i just can’t do it anymore. don’t know what curse for chemistry i was born with but i’m truly stuck. i have no other options than medicine. just for info, i am open to any med schools whatsoever, not just the UK. i was gonna apply but at this point i’m just tired and lost. Wallahi i can’t do it anymore you guys i might’ve just hit rock bottom. thanks.
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Keep going man, I know people who are really struggling. It happens to everyone

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