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STEM is not the future !

Do you think STEM is not the future ?
Considering the fact that even engineering jobs can get automated with the computational powers of AI algorithm.
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I actually decided to make this thread because I saw a 2016 post of a guy whos name is akbar123 claiming that STEM degrees are the only future. To be honest he seemed to have claimed people who were doing non-stem degrees as "stupid" but I wouldn't go into that right now. I am sorry I found his thread to be somewhat of a brain rot because that was totally based on unfounded assumptions. I haven't seen a single news article up to now which claims that STEM jobs are not liable to to unemployment in the future. Like what makes a person think ? that engineering tasks can't get automated. Like AI can't have the capacity to framework the building of bridges , canals , cars and electrical wires. Engineers only do the original framework of what is later to be done by Manuel work by construction workers. But leaving all that , how can a person post such kind of stuff without giving a second thought.
Also did that person actually think that we would have a future with robo-cops and robot judges. (Not saying that is not possible but would the governments even allow that). Also what makes the jobs of physicists and mathematicians save from these AI algorithms. I also don't know on what basis do these people who 100 percent agreed with his original post actually thought.
Most of the STEM related jobs will be automated, but some subjects like biology, physics and mathematics will always need a human touch to them. But yes, realistically speaking, I don't believe I can dedicate my future career to stem. However, I would still choose a stem degree because stem students are mostly driven by passion and ambitions, rather than plan for their careers. So I believe their will always be a good majority of people with stem degrees, even if they are not pursuing it as an official career.
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It'd be more accurate to say that human labour generally is not the future. Everything from most office jobs to marketing to design is at risk of getting automated to a greater or lesser degree. However, there is a lot of uncertainty as to which one will go first and how long it will take.

However I don't see this as an excuse not to spend time learning and working toward qualifications. The question you want to ask yourself is that if you found yourself living in this near future with mass automation, where would you like your skills and qualifications to be? What skills can you get that will be useful? In the next couple of decades I'm nearly certain that AI/automation engineering will be an extremely employable career if you have the skills. There are a huge about of legacy systems that need to be translated into a way that AI can interface with.

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