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my French teacher advised that we listen to something in French before going into the exam, she says the exam shouldn’t be the first French we are hearing that day. So I’m wondering what to listen to before going onto the exam, for my prelim/mocks I watched French Peppa Pig for three days leading up to it, but I don’t know if that was very useful so I’m asking for other ways to familiarise myself with French before going to my exam that is easily accessible. Thanks
This is a great idea from your teacher! I recommend watching some videos on the Easy French YouTube channel. They interview people on the streets in France about different topics. There are subtitles in French and English so you can immerse yourself in French without it being too tiring like doing an exam paper. I used these before my French National 5 exam: Listening to some French nursery rhymes could also be fun and if that appeals, this YouTube channel is good: You could also try watching some TV with French or English subtitles depending on how you're feeling. I really recommend Lupin on Netflix. Hope these help and good luck!
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