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What support does De Montfort University offer you : Mental Wellbeing

Hiya! :hello:

At De Montfort University we pride ourselves on supporting and offering advice to our students and we understand and sympathise that a lot of university students can struggle with their mental health. :heart: Whether this is due to the adjust to adulthood, homesick, stress from assignments and exams, and overall personal circumstances :cry2: Unfortunately, as quite a lot of students may at some point experience this, I just wanted to inform you guys, on what support is available at DMU.:grouphugs:

At De Montfort University, we care about our students, and we would hope that everyone enjoys their time being a student here! :h: However, we don’t know if everyone is okay all the time, and what is going on in our students’ personal lives. Therefore, it is critical for students to reach out and ask for support and advise as early as possible before their mental health is impacted. :call:

What support does DMU provide

At DMU, we have an excellent team who supports students with existing mental health conditions and in addition offers support and advice on the following:

Assessment of whether practical adjustments could be made to teaching, coursework deadlines, or exams to help reduce the negative impact on your mental health

Support when discussing the needs of teaching staff, should this be required

Practical goal setting and suggestions of how to address certain issues you may be experiencing

Support accessing local statutory services such as the NHS

Signposting agencies who can support students with alcohol and substance use issues

Signposting to counselling services

One thing, I love :heart: at DMU and from the team is the range of events that are available to help improve students’ well-being. I have participated in a few of these events known as Wellbeing Wednesdays and have done activities such as Pumpkin Painting and Bauble Painting and it is a lot of fun! :happy2: This is something, I also plan to attend more often and the website about these events can be found here!

Recently, during the Easter Break I struggled a bit and was quite stressed and anxious about completing an assignment :sad: but from that I have realised I don’t want to experience this again and I plan to contact my personal tutor, seek advice earlier from the lead lecturer if I have any questions, and have the assignment completed a few days before the deadline and not the day before.

To access support at De Montfort University, you can always email [email protected] or book a single point of access appointment via My Gateway

Please talk to someone, anyone if you are struggling with your mental health as it is important to prioritise, and no one should be going through a difficult time alone.

Something I do to help maintain positivity and my mental health :smile: is hanging out with loved ones, family, and friends :grouphugs: and on my own I like to watch a movie / tv-series.

I hope this post has helped, and maybe some of you can share what you like to do to try and stay positive as I would love to try out something new :love:

-Maddie :heart: Second year Health and Well-being in Society student at De Montfort University
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