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A-Level Subject Help!!!

Hi! I'm currently in year 11 and unsure of what I want to do for Alevels. I definitely want to do Economics (for context, I do it at GCSE and am currently getting grade 8/9). However I am unsure of the next two. I'm thinking geography (currently working at 7/8 but hoping for a 9) and then either Religious Studies (Achieved a grade 9 last year in the short course) or Politics which I haven't yet studied. With an EPQ regardless. I'm not sure what I want to do for Uni but perhaps thinking PPE or International Relations. Are these subjects valued enough from Russel group Unis for these courses? RS or politics? Many Thanks in advance :smile:
Hi I am a current year 12 student and i got all 7-9s in triple science, maths, English, econ, geog, food tech and Spanish. My a level journey has been so uphill and downhill. So, started off with 4, knowing I would drop to , I started with maths, econ, politics and bio. well now im doing geog, sociology and politics. I would say choose what you want at first and if you don't like ur subjects switch because I enjoy most of my subjects now. In terms of uni, those sound like respectable choices and you can check on uni website for their preferred a level subjects as well as entry requirements.

I am considering applying for Cambridge and other russel group unis and my siubjects haven’t been an issue. Can you start off with 4 and then drop down. In terms of geography and politics which you are considering I can give you some insight. Geography is quite like GCSE in terms of content except more advanced. Coasts is quite similar but the question style is different. Politics is interesting and definitely helps with my other subjects and is the only one from my original choices that stuck. If you are thinking of ppe or IR politics isn’t a must but i would say extremely useful and you should consider doing it. Politics just requires you to have lots of examples and keep up to date with the news.

Overall a solid selection of subjects and good luck for GCSE :smile:

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