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Compensation pass masters

So I am studying at university of greenwich doing masters in biotechnology. For my first semester I passed all the assignments of 25 credits of both modules but haven't passed the exam worth of 50 credits.for each subject I got only 26 and 25% and my overall percentage of module is 43 and 45%.I got a resit but still I am afraid that I couldn't make my question is do I get a compensation pass at this rate...cuz I don't how it works..does anybody know this.
Read the uni regs since every uni is different. You are getting credits mixed up with weighting. Thus at masters level you have to earn 180 credits which is made up of different modules - some worth 10-credits, others worth 15-credits etc.

If - for example - you have taken three 20-credit modules in semester 1 and you fail one module with a mark below 50% (pass marks at Masters level). Then, assuming you have achieved a mark of 50% (could be higher) on the other two modules then you can be compensated for the module you failed at less than 50%.

Module 1 mark, 56%
Module 2 mark, 52%
Average for two modules is 54%
Module 3 mark, 45%
You will be compensated for module 3

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