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A levels for Criminology

Hey guys, I need advice for my a level choices as I'm considering studying criminology, and I've already chosen Maths and Biology for my A-levels.

However, I'm unsure whether to select History or Further Maths as my third option, as I've enjoyed both at gcse and have been told either would be fine with my future career choices. Which (if any) would be better for me to do? Any advice would be appreciated.

My school only teaches certain ccea options so things like psychology and sociology would not be possible for me to take.
If you are interested in science subjects why are you considering 'Criminology' as a degree?
Its just Sociology with a few different units - yes, literally - and it doesnt qualify you as a 'Criminologist' as that is a Psychology specialism you can only do with a PhD and years of experience.
they're right you know, forensic psychology and criminology are not what we think they will be. Theres a harsh reality to it

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