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Gcse Drama 20 Marker

Hi, i'm doing my gscse's this year and am struggling how to answer the 20 marker on section 1 for drama, with your set text. I'm doing the crucible and want to do design/costume design to answer the question as i cannot write about acting well, however I don't know how to answer this question and my teacher doesnt want us to do design for this question so wont help much
Make sure to describe everything about your costume in lots of detail. Also link it to the period, so for crucible look into fabrics they’d use at the time. Think about how costume can express characters too, for example the wealthier characters may have better fitting clothes with more expensive fabric (e.g. it is dyed). Id ‘design’ costume for each character in each act in lots of detail, so it’s easy to recall when writing
Hope this helps 🙂
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Thx :smile:

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