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About 3 weeks until A-Level exams HELP

What would be the best way to revise/cram? I do Biology OCR, Chemistry AQA and Psychology OCR and I'm struggling to decide which resources are best to use for cramming the content because the textbook is too wordy and the CGP revision guides for Bio and Chem are not detailed enough...any advice/recommendations for resources please?
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For chemistry, I'd use save my exams notes (what I use) and pmt for questions, at this stage you should have some sort of understanding of the chemistry spec and be able to at least attempt topic exam questions, even if you struggle a bit in terms of content.
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Okay thank you! Also I really struggle with memorisation so how do you go about memorising content from those notes?
I usually combine class notes and save my exams, and watch videos (allery chemistry and machemguy). They really break information down, to help me understand the content, and once I've done that, its straight to exam questions.

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