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wrong marital status on student finance

I applied for student finance a few weeks ago and put my mothers marital status as divorced despite this being 25 years ago. However she has just got an email saying she needs to provide proof of her divorce but doesn’t have any.Not sure what to do as if she doesn’t provide it i will get a minimum maintenance loan and will not be able to afford accommodation.
Hi there. Is your mother not able to get a copy of her Decree Absolute? We can accept anything from the list below to prove this.

For the marital status. The standard evidence would be one of the following;

Council tax bill with 25% single person discount
Decree Nisi or a Conditional Order
Civil Partnership Conditional Order
Solicitors letter that confirms current marital status
A Signed Affidavit - a sworn declaration made in writing describing facts that they wish to state as true. Typically made under oath and signed then stamped by a Solicitor
Statutory declaration - Normally drafted by a Solicitor who is usually a Notary Public or drafted by a Legal Executive authorised to administer Oaths. Alternatively, the declaration can be made before a Magistrate (also known as a Justice of the Peace) or some Magistrates Clerks at a Magistrates Court

Thanks, Leah.

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