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Drugs and Religion/ Christianity

I’m a struggling Christian who used to take drugs ( Weed and alcohol) when I was a teenager ( 6 months ago 🙈). I really wanna get closer to God but I’m constantly going through spiritual warfare and sometimes to clear my head I just want a drink. Like the thought of spending my life completely sober doesn’t feel possible but I wanna love God fully without any distraction.

Any help with what I could do to help deal with these temptations?
Ok I recommend take it step by step. Try attending those AA meetings and I'm not saying your an alcoholic but having a group to rely on while trying to quit is best and will help you keep on track. I do know some churches hold them as well so you get both god and AA meeting. Don't put too much pressure on yourself as long as you try and don't quit even it if takes you a year, you can do it! The first step is to want to quit and it seems you already have accomplished it.

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