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Which uni is better?

Should I study "criminology" with a foundation year at the University of Sussex, or "criminology and criminal justice" without a foundation year at the University of Greenwich?
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I don't have stats for that particular subject but Sussex is by far the better ranked university overall. In fact, if you look at one of my recent posts, I said that if Sussex had more staff (and therefore more students too) performing at the same rate it would be well within Russell Group standard. However..

Sussex doesn't exactly look the most interesting campus, even for a university of that late 50s/early 60s age. The University of Greenwich partly occupies a stunningly beautiful building, The Old Royal Navy College (although only since the 1990s. The university itself has origins from the 1890s) and the difference in entry standards is not that much (63% at Sussex, 58% at Greenwich).

Leicester and Reading ask for average grades less than Sussex for subjects in general. If you can get in either of those, I would. They both usually ask for ABB for this subject. Leicester has a particular claim to fame in criminal matters as the university pioneered DNA fingerprinting.
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