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GCSE geography 8 mark question

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Assess the importance of the primary and secondary impacts of either earthquakes or volcanoes in an emerging or developing country.

Haiti was hit with a devastating earthquake in 2010, destroying port au prince and surrounding areas, and having many other secondary and primary impacts. These came as a result of Haitis poor development, making it very vulnerable to Hazards, and the epicentre of the earthquake being just below port au prince.

Primary impacts are a direct result of a hazard. The Haiti earthquake had many primary impacts. For example, the earthquake destroyed 1/3 of all buildings in Haiti, including 30,000 shops and businesses. This is a result of the poor building regulations and lack of resources in Haiti, leading to buildings being constructed unsafely leaving them prone to the impacts of earthquakes. This led to 1.3 million people being displaced and having to move to temporary camps. A second primary impact of the earthquake was the number of deaths, causing 120,000 casualties. One reason for this is the heavy metal roofs that buildings were being constructed with, which crashed during the earthquake, consequently crushing many people. Ultimately, the Haiti earthquake had many devastating primary impacts.

However, as a result of these primary impacts, many secondary impacts also came as a result of the hazard. For example, due to many buildings being destroyed, many people could work or get jobs, contributing significantly to the cycle of poverty. This led to many being stuck in the temporary camps put in place, and unable to rebuild due to lack of money and supplies. In addition, the destruction of schools led to many children being unable to get an education, and therefore a better job, leading to many low-income families to be stuck in poverty. A second impact was heavy looting and theft around the camps. 1 year following the event, most people still lived in temporary accommodation, and with no hope to move back, causing many to turn to looting and theft due to the unregulated conditions in these camps. Ultimately, the secondary impacts of the earthquake were tragic. However, one could say that due to the secondary impacts resulting from the primary impacts, the primary impacts are arguably worse.

In conclusion, the Haiti earthquake had some devastating primary impacts, such as the destruction of many buildings, this led onto many secondary impacts, such as looting and theft, all which greatly impacted haiti.
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