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Is SOAS the Right Choice for Comparative Literature MA? Insights Wanted!

Hey everyone,

I'm in the process of deciding whether to apply to SOAS for their MA in Comparative Literature, and I stumbled upon some details online that got me thinking.

According to my research, SOAS is placed 511th in the 2024 QS World University Rankings and falls within the 401–500th range in the THE World University Rankings 2024... not exactly topping the charts. While these rankings provide a snapshot, I can't help but wonder if they truly reflect the nitty-gritty of teaching quality and course content...

Alongside these rankings, there are a few claims floating around about SOAS's overall stance, job prospects, and research caliber. I've heard whispers about SOAS having a bit of a hard-left or Marxist vibe, plus rumours of its not-so-rosy job outcomes across different courses. There's also talk about the research quality not quite stacking up against other institutions.

Since I'm particularly interested in diving into Comparative Literature, I'd love to get some real insights. Does anyone here have firsthand experience at SOAS or know someone who does? Do those rankings truly capture what it's like to study at SOAS, coming from India and embarking on my first study venture in the UK? I'm genuinely curious to hear your take on the Comparative Literature program and how SOAS stacks up in reality, regardless of its ranking.

Additionally, while I find many aspects of SOAS appealing, there's a concern I have after reading online discussions. It seems that SOAS students may be more active in terms of protests and activism compared to other universities. I've even heard about incidents like building occupations, which, coming from outside the UK, is something I've never encountered before... While I'm not inherently opposed to student activism, I'm curious if these protests have ever significantly impacted the educational experience at SOAS.

So, to current and former SOAS students, I'd like to ask: Has student activism ever affected your education at SOAS? And based on your experiences, would you still recommend attending SOAS despite these concerns?

Also, are there any other important details or insider tips I should know about SOAS? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

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